Sunday, 29 July 2018

Mother Language Day of Bangladesh

It gives me enormous joy to put pen to paper something about our native language as it is recognized as International Mother dialect Day on 21st February in consistently all through the entire world and it is blessed by titivating blooms and holding in the most noteworthy respect the recollections of those dialect saints who had set out their lives for the reason for setting up the pride of our backbone as a country by raising our heads like different countries for all intents and purposes. The 21st February is a red-letter day in the historical backdrop of our first language. It is an exceptionally critical day in perspective of decision making ability that we have possessed the capacity to set up our primary language as our state dialect. It is our eminence and motivation that we have accomplished flexibility from the development of this day. We believe that we couldn't accomplish our opportunity if 21st February was not developing in 1952. Because of the development of this day, we have demonstrated our fomentation against the leaders of the then Pakistan and even the general population regardless of ranks and statement of faith partook in the development having been impacted by the heroic touchwood of Bengali patriotism. The word 'patriotism' descends from the legacy, culture and custom of a specific nation which shows consistency in regard of one confidence that is the dialect customarily expressed from a kid which is his genuine personality. Patriotism is such which strikingly gives an associate in the sense in what dialect he communicates his method of his unequivocal want with reference to what he needs or what he might want to do. So our legacy is communicated as a token of perfect associate as Bengali Language with which we get by on full confidence of vocation and all things considered each elegiac impact is worried in accomplishing the acknowledgment of this day on the planet. We can think our own conviction that we are made similarly in regard of communicating our own custom, culture and religion which is slept with on our dirt, grass, plants, creeper and our abode. We can't think notwithstanding for a minute that a kid is dealt with pretty much as a fear monger or blackguard or he is expelled at a juvenile stage. In the event that we lose our confidence in our own particular patriotism, we should be mindful to assemble him or her who can give his way of life as a Bengali country. To talk reality, the 21st February, as an image of burst light is our integrity for which our survival as Bengali country has been reflected all through the entire world.

In this day some youthful people of our nation have handed down to make obstruction against the scheme of our first language. They have escalated the development by degrees and being polemical, the then rulers have attacked them and at last they had shot them dead. This is such a development where our saints have set out their lives for the reason for raised deportment of our primary language. In the entire world, such phenomenal development has never been occurred. Like every year, this year has completed this day with due solemn state of mind and noticeable quality. We commend this day with respect as indicated by the legacy of the nation. This day is blended with our Independence Day as though it is blended with our blood. The legends who have set out their lives for the reason for our uniformity, freedom and national glory of our nation will remain ever critical to us.

Our own is a minimum created nation and we are going through an extraordinary irritation against fear based oppression, paying off, and untrustworthiness and grasping a reason for strategies of deluding the general population. We need every one of the finishes of such evil movement from the social life. We ought to remember the considerable forfeit of the saints who had spared our native language by devoting their lives. Resulting upon this, we accomplished the 21st February as a 'Worldwide Mother Tongue Day' in 1999. This is an incredible accomplishment on the planet to demonstrate our best respects to our Bengali Language. It is an uncommon case ever of. Moreover, the pride of our primary language is deserving of accomplishing the most noteworthy respect as the artist in this dialect has been granted 'Nobel Prize' and even in numerous European and American nations such dialect is instructed and a specific piece of the general population on the planet this dialect voluntarily. Numerous awesome men have been conceived in this lovely land which is the best commitment of the world. There is an awesome history out of sight of our mom dialect and this is featured through battle in the history and thus our native language has been blended as though in our affectability and pith through various challenges.

In fine, on the off chance that we might want to protect the renown of Bengali country, we have to pay awesome tribute acclaim to the saints. They had set out their lives for the reclamation of majority rules system and opportunity of financial aspects. Their exercises are without a doubt of courageous deeds. On the off chance that we devote ourselves for the reason for uniformity and freedom of our nation, their left spirits will be tranquil and luster. In consistently, we commend this day by indicating reverence to them and shower the blossoms to the 'Shaheed Minar' with a specific end goal to solemnize their memory and accomplishments added to the nobility of our primary language. On the off chance that we check out the world, we will find that our dialect has possessed a particular position with its own particular far reaching vision and cosmopolitan standpoint. Countless books are being interpreted in this dialect and our training and culture are being advanced without fail. We should remember that from the dialect development of 21st February, our development of autonomy has been quickened and in 1969, the decision of the people groups right have been built up that the general population of this nation comprehend the importance of genuine patriotism for which because of exceptional disturbance against the recent Pakistani rulers, they participated in flexibility battle and won triumphantly and along these lines by ninth months dynamic battle, our nation appeared as Bangladesh in the guide of the world. The patriotism which the general population have comprehended was covered up in the standard of dialect development of 21st February which was our solitary a brilliant group puller for which a history has been made having experienced with the introduction of our nation as a free country for all intents and purposes.

In perspective of the above, clearly the introduction of our country has been reflected through the development of 21st February which was far extraordinary exertion had relations with on dynamic challenge against the despots. Such developments should be learnt through repetition and we ought to enthusiastically nourish the kitty, in the structure of our own uniqueness as an overcome country on the planet where there will be no defilement, fear based oppression, breech of trust and rebellion. Something else, our expectations and goal will be checked from developing in any way and such sick ethnicity of contaminated condition will be proceeded from period to time and century to century for which a solid inner voice like a stare at of the stunning sun can't pardon us.


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